Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A walk amongst the heather.

Hi, its a long time since Ive been here isnt it, well you know how it is, life takes over, so many things to do, so many balls to keep in the air, but I thought it would be nice to get back to blogging some of the things I get upto, so I thought I`d share our lovely walk on Dartmoor today.

We drove upto Haytor, it was lovely and sunny when we left home, but the dark cloud drifted in when we got there, it didnt rain, but made for some very moody photos...on the green were a small herd of Belted Galloway cattle, you could hear them tearing the grass as they grazed, and there was a bit of pushing and shoving amongst one or two of them. The gorse and heather was absolutely beautiful, it seemed to shine it was so bright.

We walked round to the quarry in the warm sun, the clouds like galleons in full sail on the horizon, and by our feet butterflies flitting amongst the purple heather, and the sound of martins chittering above our heads.

I spotted these Dungbonnets on a very crispy cowpat, quite the biggest Ive seen, and very shiny.

The quarry was very pretty with heather growing over the grey granite rocks, and the waterlilies in flower on the lake.

It seems to me that Autumn is just round the corner, it no longer feels like summer anymore, and thats probably because we`ve had a very poor one this year, but I dont mind, I love Autumn, and I cant wait for the golden leaves, berries and all the things that that entails.

We left the peace of the quarry and walked down to the granite tramway, where the granite used to be taken on the carts down to Teignmouth and shipped away, this was one of the junctions.

The moor was certainly magical today with the heather like a purple carpet, flecked with the yellow gorse, and on the far hills the cloud shadows chasing each other...

We also saw lots of ponies too, this little fellow was very shy and kept hiding behind his mother, but I managed to snap him evenually.