Sunday, 31 August 2008

Yesterday, we took a trip out to the car boot, and I found another lovely basket (theres a pattern forming here!) also a nice set of cornflower cups, saucers and plates, and a Meakin `Poppy` cream jug, and sugar bowl, which I really love, I wouldnt mind having the whole set of these, I had a look on ebay, and theres quite a lot of it selling on their, so I might think about it.

Also thrilled to find this lovely pictorial map of Devon, with lots of interesting places, people and facts on, it was a real bargain at £1.00! and I was pleased with how nice it looks on the wall

In the afternoon we went for a walk, the view from the hill was misty

There were some pretty flowers

The berries on the Elder were ripening

The sun was lovely and warm, and we walked down the hill, with butterflies dancing, and bees buzzing in and out of the bindweed trumpets. By some steps down to the childrens playground, we came across a sprawling curtain of old mans beard, all lovely and fluffy, I like to pick some and put in a jug, or sprinkle it with glitter at christmas

We crossed the playground, where some graceful lime trees cast shade, and down the road past some pretty gardens

till we arrived at the harbour

Where our new ferry is

a red Catamaran, which is on trial for a month. It only takes fifteen minutes to cross the bay to Brixham, and runs regularly all day. Time will tell whether its a success, but its certainly a smart looking thing.

Walked round to Princess gardens, where the flower beds are very pretty

then back through town, and up those perishing steps

and home for a nice cup of tea, hope you enjoyed our walk.

Far away places....

Hooray! I`m on holiday now for three weeks, and we`re flying out to Spain on Tuesday, to visit my daughter Rachel and her husband Keith. Can`t wait, I miss her so much, so it will be lovely to be able to spend every day with her, catching up on the news, and having days out to the fabulous little Spanish villages. It will also be nice to feel some sun on our bones, after the awful summer we`ve had here, apparently its 30 degrees at the moment!

I`m also looking forward to seeing the lovely mountains again, Benidorm is surrounded by them, and they look beautiful at all times of the day, especially in the morning when they wreathed in mist, and late afternoon when the sun highlights all the detail.

I`ve been really busy today, getting everything sorted for going away, cleaning the house, shopping, deciding what to take, and how much! washing, and making lists of last minute things.
Its been a bit stressful, but it`ll be worth it tomorrow, when I should have a much easier day.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


We have had a fabulous visitor this week down at the harbour, this wonderful eco-friendly powerboat. It has just completed a record breaking round the world trip running on zero-carbon 100 per cent renewable fuel. I loved the amazing shape of it, and its artistic tribal markings, and its drawn huge crowds, taking photos, and looking round it, and when it took a turn around the bay, a pod of Dolphins (including a baby) came to have a look too!

Sadly, it left this afternoon, to go back to New Zealand, but we`re all glad it sailed in to see us, for more interesting facts visit this site

Fortunately, rummaging in a box that looked as if it had nothing interesting to offer, I came across this lovely vintage cloth, and three pieces of vintage lace, so it just goes to show....

I was pleased to come across a lovely big bunch of statice, which the lady said she had just picked that morning. I`ve hung it in the little bedroom window, to dry out, then I shall arrange it in the bowl and jug set in the bathroom.
When we lived in East Anglia you would always come across little tables outside cottage gateways, selling home made jam, bags of tomatoes, runner beans, pots of fresh cut flowers, and these for drying, I used to love stopping and seeing what they were selling, and you`d put your money in a jar. Since we`ve been living down here, I dont think we`ve come across one, which is a pity, I do miss them.

And theres more....I found this lovely plate, with a very attractive lady on, I think she looks Russian or maybe Turkish, I`m going by her curly slippers here! she will look nice on my wall outside my back door. The Hillstonia bowl, I shall make into a rock pool, I have a nice collection of pebbles I collected on Cheasil beach, which will look very colourful covered with water.

I also came across this lovely picnic basket, its very sturdily made, with compartments for everything, plus leather straps for plates, knives forks etc., and a nice little brass chain to hold it open, theres the name `Coracle` in the lid, and I looked it up on the internet, and found that these baskets were made for the `posh` shops like Harrods etc., so a real bargain for a few pounds! I shall make some nice green gingham napkins to go in it, and find some pretty containers to fit the compartments.

Saturdays Car Booty

Although the weather has been awful down here, this summer, we actually had a better day on Saturday, so took a trip out to our favourite car boot sale. There were lots of laden tables, and we came across a lovely little man who we`ve got to know, who always has some fabulous vintage stuff...and needless to say I found this little set of treasures.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Blue Boy

Blue is a very special cat, he was living rough in the garden of the home I worked in, and although they provided food for him, he was never allowed in the house, and it used to break my heart seeing him wandering around in the garden, all weathers, so one day three days before christmas, I brought him home, and hes been spoilt ever since. Hes always been a very nervous cat, but very devoted to me, and likes nothing better than sitting on my lap, or the arm of the chair beside me. We think hes a Russian Blue, but we`re not sure, it doesnt matter to us anyway, we love him wotever...

My Cats

I have two lovely cats, Abbey and Blue. Abbey is from a cats rescue home, she was about six when we picked her, and had just had some dental work, which left her with a droopy lower lip, so she looks like shes doing an Elvis impression! She is a lovely little cat, but doesnt like being picked up, unless it suits her... and can be very grumpy when she wants too...which is everyday.. she especially doesnt like Blue, (who we had later) and never fails to growl and hiss at him, even though its been three years since we`ve had him. Her hissing is so bad, my daughter once remarked `goodness Mum I didnt know you had a puff adder!` lol

My Home

I live in a very pretty seaside town in Devon, in a quiet street on top of a hill away from the hurly burly of town life. This is the view from the hill at the bottom of my street.

The bay is always interesting, at the weekends the yachts are out in force, tacking backwards and forwards, the breeze fluttering in their sails, and sometimes when the weather is rough we have the tankers come in to shelter, or await orders.

A year or so ago, we had the Tall ships here, they were all moored at the harbour, and were amazing to look at, unfortunately, when the race started the mist rolled in and they were swallowed up like some strange horror movie!

Sounds carry up the hill, especially on a quiet evening, if I stand in the back garden, I can hear the fair on the green, the raucous music, and the shouts of the crowds. Also at the other end of the street, and far across the houses to another hill is the football ground, and when theyre at home, you can hear the cheering (and booing!) faintly in the distance.

If I want to go to the shops, I have to descend the hundred steps or so down the hill, which isnt so bad, its the journey back which isnt so great, but is certainly a good work out!

This is the little wood I walk through to the steps, its a lovely tranquil spot, full of squirrels, birds and butterflies dancing over the bramble patch. Theres an assortment of trees, field maples, hawthorn, sycamore, ash and cherry, which look lovely in the Spring. I was once luckily enough to see a fox, on a quiet dark winter morning, he stood and watched me, then turned and trotted off, totally unfazed!


Well, this is my first attempt to do this, so you`ll have to bear with me, it all seems a little technical, and unfortunately my husband is at work, so I cant keep plaguing him for advice, but fingers crossed it`ll go to plan...

I came across my first blog by accident, when I was surfing around, and have been addicted ever since! I cant believe how talented everyone is, sewing and making such beautiful things, and living such interesting lives, and producing such great blogs.... so hopefully I`ll be able to manage something of interest too, if nothing else it will be a nice diary for me to keep, something I`ve always loved doing, and with a bit of luck it might be of interest to you too...