Saturday, 29 November 2008

A trip to Tavistock

On Thursday, we decided to take a run out to Tavistock, which is on Dartmoor, as we havent been for a while. Its a nice drive over the moor, and although it wasnt bathed in sunshine, it was lovely to see it the grey wintry trees, and the ginger coloured bracken.

Tavistock is a lovely old market town, set beside the river Tavy, which has salmon steps for the fish to travel upstream. Its nice and peaceful, to walk beside the river, which roars and bubbles over the grey smooth granite boulders on the river bed, and listen to the quacks of the ducks

When we arrived, they had just finished putting the christmas trees on the Town hall, behind this is the pannier market, which has some fabulous arts and crafts stalls. I bought a nice winter cherry (solanum) there, which I set in a blue china pot when I got home

Across from the town hall is St Eustachius church, which we had a look round

It is a lovely airy church, with really beautiful carved pew ends, and a spectacular oak screen

It was a nice day out, and on our way home we stopped to look at Bennetts Cross, one of the ancient granite wayside markers, which are dotted all over the moor, this one is a boundary

marker for the Headland Warren, and the parishes of Chagford, and North Bovey. In August it looks beautiful, surrounded by a sea of purple heather.

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Bovey Belle said...

Tavistock is somewhere I have tagged for a possible place to move to when we downsize from here. However, as my darling OH has a yearning for Hadrian's Wall, there are some discussions to take place just yet . . .