Sunday, 2 August 2009

First day of my holiday.

Well, at last I`m back to blogging, we`ve had awful wet, windy weather for weeks, so much for the `barbecue summer` they promised us, so we havent really done anything of great interest, plus with working full time, and fitting all the chores in, it certainly takes its toll....fortunately I`m on holiday now for a week for so, so perhaps I`ll be able to relax and find more time.

Yesterday, we went over to Trago, a huge store out of town, which sells everything from furniture to clothes and everything else you can think of. They built a new garden centre, which was opened at Easter, but they hadnt finished laying out the gardens, but fortunately, we were able to look around it when we popped in. It is all themed, and is really excellent...

railway siding....

a lovely old barge, covered in flowers..

Three pretty cottage gardens...

A rather nice Japanese garden, complete with Acers.

a classic Roman courtyard..

there was a nice boardwalk over a lake area, where the water lilies were very pretty..

They had also recreated a large stone walkway, sprouting ferns and the like, which is very Devon

and at the end the path was lined with masses of wild flowers, which you could buy the seed for in the nursery, so lovely

the path then led back to the classic Italian garden where there were some lovely white Agapanthas

I really enjoyed walking round it, especially as we had the place to ourselves as it was so early, it was a good start to my holiday, even though the sky was grey and leaden as usual, and I also bought some nice plants, so a real bonus..


Ramblings From Spain said...

Thanks for sharing your first day off, nice to see you back! Thought the gardens were lovely - are they for show or will they have shops around them too? Very well done, I look forward to seeing it all when its finished x

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a nice walk - everything was wonderful. I do so want to come along in person - but we are so far apart, so I'll enjoy the wanderings with you here. Thanks.

Dena said...

Such a beautiful and relaxing walk today. Thank you.