Sunday, 31 August 2008

Yesterday, we took a trip out to the car boot, and I found another lovely basket (theres a pattern forming here!) also a nice set of cornflower cups, saucers and plates, and a Meakin `Poppy` cream jug, and sugar bowl, which I really love, I wouldnt mind having the whole set of these, I had a look on ebay, and theres quite a lot of it selling on their, so I might think about it.

Also thrilled to find this lovely pictorial map of Devon, with lots of interesting places, people and facts on, it was a real bargain at £1.00! and I was pleased with how nice it looks on the wall

In the afternoon we went for a walk, the view from the hill was misty

There were some pretty flowers

The berries on the Elder were ripening

The sun was lovely and warm, and we walked down the hill, with butterflies dancing, and bees buzzing in and out of the bindweed trumpets. By some steps down to the childrens playground, we came across a sprawling curtain of old mans beard, all lovely and fluffy, I like to pick some and put in a jug, or sprinkle it with glitter at christmas

We crossed the playground, where some graceful lime trees cast shade, and down the road past some pretty gardens

till we arrived at the harbour

Where our new ferry is

a red Catamaran, which is on trial for a month. It only takes fifteen minutes to cross the bay to Brixham, and runs regularly all day. Time will tell whether its a success, but its certainly a smart looking thing.

Walked round to Princess gardens, where the flower beds are very pretty

then back through town, and up those perishing steps

and home for a nice cup of tea, hope you enjoyed our walk.

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