Sunday, 31 August 2008

Far away places....

Hooray! I`m on holiday now for three weeks, and we`re flying out to Spain on Tuesday, to visit my daughter Rachel and her husband Keith. Can`t wait, I miss her so much, so it will be lovely to be able to spend every day with her, catching up on the news, and having days out to the fabulous little Spanish villages. It will also be nice to feel some sun on our bones, after the awful summer we`ve had here, apparently its 30 degrees at the moment!

I`m also looking forward to seeing the lovely mountains again, Benidorm is surrounded by them, and they look beautiful at all times of the day, especially in the morning when they wreathed in mist, and late afternoon when the sun highlights all the detail.

I`ve been really busy today, getting everything sorted for going away, cleaning the house, shopping, deciding what to take, and how much! washing, and making lists of last minute things.
Its been a bit stressful, but it`ll be worth it tomorrow, when I should have a much easier day.

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