Friday, 5 December 2008

We woke to wind and rain this morning, but decided to go out anyway, and by the time we were ready, the sun was shining and the sky had cleared. We went to Teignmouth, where the air was fresh, and the wind gusty, and walked along the seafront. There were some funny shaped boats
on the horizon, and we were amazed to count fourteen in all! the wind ruffled the water and
snatched at the flags on the boats, but it was nice to walk in the winter sunshine, we browsed the charity shops, and I found a lovely vintage plate, decorated with poppies, I liked the fact that it was shaped like a poppy, I`ll hang it on my kitchen wall, it should look nice against the green
I was also delighted to find a vintage biscuit tin, decorated with the seasons

I remember my Mother having one exactly the same, when I was a child, but with London scenes on it, so a bit of nostalgia there.

On the way home we stopped at Brunel woods, where there are these interesting carvings, commerating Brunel and his achievements, the detail is very good on the totem pole
It was lovely and peaceful walking through the wood, with the sun shining on the glossy leaves of the holly and the ivy, and the lovely bare bones of the winter trees
From the top of the path we caught a glimpse of a hazy St. Marychurch and the bay with the sun glinting on the water
and walking back to the car, the ghost of a moon peeping over the skeletal trees

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