Friday, 26 December 2008

Well, we had a lovely lazy Christmas day, but we decided one was enough, so headed out to the moor, the sun was shining and the sky a lovely windy blue. We parked up, and tramped over the long beige grasses to Kestor, our faces freezing in the cold Easterly wind.
On top of the tor is a wonderful rock basin, its about six foot across, and thirty inches deep. Its amazing to think that this was the result of wind and stone erosion. We walked on to Shoveldown, to look at the striking Menhir there, standing infront of it was a lovely white horse, we were hoping it was a unicorn, but unfortunately not...
She was very heavily pregnant though..
This Menhir is called the Longstone, the surrounding area is covered in double stone rows, Kistavens, and a fourfold stone circle, the site of a grave.
This is a lovely open part of the moor, hemmed in with dark green firs, and the dark hunched shoulders of the moor all around. We followed a path down to the river Teign
Its surrounded by huge black boulders, covered in white lichens like snowflakes, and edged with crabbed hawthorn trees. The waters rush and froth in icy swirls over the stones, and under the ancient clapper bridges
We crossed this, then another on the Walla brook which runs along side the Teign down to this wonderful Tolmen, which means `holed stone`
The hole in this boulder is about three feet in diameter, and country folk used to bring their children who were suffering from whooping cough, and pass them through the hole, as it was believed it would cure them. Adults also believed it would cure rheumatism
I would think a sharp dunk in that icy cold water would kill or cure!

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