Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Moor Delights.

This morning at breakfast Pete said `lets go to Dartmoor` so we did....we havent been for a while, and although the weather was supposed to be `mixed` we didnt mind, Dartmoor is beautiful in all her moods. The heather was beautiful, like an amethyst carpet covering the moor, and softening the huge grey granite boulders littering it.

We stopped for a coffee with a lovely view across the moor, the sky was darkening all the time, then suddenly it rained a hard sharp downpour, with sleety bits in, and as suddenly as it had started it stopped, and the clouds moved on to rain again in the distance.

We drove on, with the sky like a huge black canopy, in the distance we could see rain falling in the valleys like a fine gauzy curtain, then the sun would break through, and highlight the rolling hillsides only to be swallowed again by the lowering cloud..

We stopped at Kings tor, where there was enough blue sky `to make a sailors collar` and took some photos.

This lovely dun coloured mare and her foal crossed the road to graze on the roadside, we saw lots dotted across the moor, morosely standing with their backs to the rain as it fell....

little streams rushed and bubbled over the granite boulders, the edges starred with tiny yellow flowers and tufty grasses...

and everywhere across the moor the gorse is flowering in bright patches of golden yellow

We decided to travel on to Vixen tor before lunch, the sky ever dramatic

She stood out against the dark background as stately as ever

and so to lunch and back along the road which ran like a black shiny ribbon across the moor, with banks of curly ferns and mountain ash covered in bright orange berries, and all the time a feeling that the summer is slipping away and Autumn is round the corner

at Prince town we went to our favourite cafe which is homely and all the dishes are home made, and had plates of egg and chips and mugs of strong tea, while the rain hammered down outside, and the windows misted up making us feel very cosy inside..

When we left the cafe the sun was shining again, so we wandered around the town, popped into the Visitors centre for leaflets

we also called into the craft centre

where there were some very beautiful things

made by some very talented people

And so we headed home, we stopped at Combestone tor on the way back, it has fabulous views down into the valley, and the slopes were covered in golden gorse

and the tor itself has some wonderful sculptured rocks

Its a very accessible tor, as it stands right beside the road, and a great favourite with everyone

We decided to carry on to Ashburton and as we drove down the hill, I had to stop and take a photo of this sheep who was laying full stretch on top of this grassy bank asleep, I think I woke him up...

Ashburton is a lovely old stannery town, nestling amongst the rolling hills, it is full of gorgeous art and crafty shops, and delightful vintage ones, and the houses are very old and regal

This lovely little stream meanders lazily through the heart of the town, lapping at the ancient walls, where the buddjela nods its purple heads

This lovely old building called The Card house, was once a gaming house, and the slate hung front is covered with different suits of a pack of cards

I was delighted to come across this fantastic Antique reclaimation emporium, it was filled with the most beautiful furniture, lamps and the most amazing chandeliers, what an aladdins cave to be sure, find it here

This wonderful medieval granite arched doorway used to be part of The Mermaid Inn, where General Fairfax the Civil War Roundhead leader stayed, I really enjoyed walking round this fascinating little town, and it was a really enjoyable day despite the weather...

and also because of these lovely treasures I found in a charity shop in Prince town, it was one of those that you just know you`re going to find something interesting in, not smart and bright, but a bit down trodden and dark, but crammed full of unexpected things, and all for the sum of £2.35 what a bargain....made my day, and those dear little tiny glass candlesticks, to die for..


Piecefulafternoon said...

I just love the trips you take - wish I could follow in your footsteps. The photos are wonderful and tell such great stories.

Your treasures are so lovely.

Ramblings From Spain said...

What a lovely day out, and all the more dramatic for the weather! The heather was wonderful.. and that dear little sheep dozing on the bank! Great vintage finds too :D xx