Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Peaceful walk..

We decided to go out for a walk today, I really needed the peace of the countryside, I`ve been off work with stress, due to some very evil minded people at work, and I wanted to go somewhere where there were no other human we drove over to Berry Pomeroy

It was lovely and quiet, just the sound of the wind ruffling the sycamore leaves, and the cooing of a pigeon from the wood. We walked down the little path, where the ferns and great clumps of mint reared up at us in all their summer glory.

Down to the pond, which looked beautiful in the morning sun...

Purple Loosestrife fringed the banks..

and Meadow sweet perfumed the air with its sweet scent..

The Bulrushes were starting to get their lovely dark heads
Their leaves were covered in raindrops like hundreds of little shimmering diamonds

Having enjoyed the peaceful solitude of the pond, we took the little windy road beside the wood, the castle watched us broodingly from the hill...

I was amazed how overgrown everywhere was, the hedge was so high it was hard to look over, but I managed to find a hole and was suprised that I couldnt see the little stream that runs across the meadow, because the grasses and flowers had all grown so much since the spring, but I could hear its merry tinkling sound as it wound its way pass the graceful Alders that guarded the banks.

Evenually we came to the lovely little house...

The garden was pretty with pink and orange roses, and there was a wig wam of scarlet flowered beans in the vegetable patch, and a huge Gunnera down the bottom of the garden

In the back garden a man in a vest was cutting the grass, the fumes of the mower hung in the air,
I love the little lean to at the back, I would stand pots of red geraniums on shelves and hang wind chimes by the door...ah if I only owned such a house...

Wistfully I walked on, with lovely views of the undulating Devon hills, rolling into the distance

till the path wound into the wood..

where sunlight dappled the ground and beechmast made a crunchy carpet

it warmed the ferns growing luxariantly on the banks

and highlighted the `traffic light` berries of the Lords and Ladies

Between the branches of the trees we had glimpses of Jersey cows on the hillside, and high above in the windy blue sky, we could hear the mewling cry of a buzzard as it circled..

Evenually the path led to a gate and then down the hillside, where a little stream meandered over mossy stones, and beneath a thicket of Hazel trees.

On a fallen log beneath these trees, was the debris of an old feast I fancy, left perhaps by a mouse, or squirrel.....

A few yards away from the stream, I was delighted to see this lovely old apple orchard, at first I thought it was one of the traditional Devon cider apple orchards, but I dont think it was, but the trees were lovely, gnarled and mossy covered and full of fruit

Behind the orchard was some lovely old farm buildings

A lovely old barn, and low building where there were feeding stalls..

It was a lovely tranquil spot, surrounded by woods, with sheep in a field knee deep in grass

and blackberries ripening in the hedge..

and the little murmuring stream, studded with watercress, and danced over by butterflies, and vibrant blue dragonflies

The path took us on through another gate, where it told us that this was the hamlet of Netherton, there was a lovely rambling old grey stoned house with various old farm buildings dotted about...

and in the meadow at the back, a set of Bee hives...

We decided to turn back at this point, having really enjoyed the beauty of the countryside, and indeed it was certainly balm for my soul, and much needed...


Ramblings From Spain said...

A real treat to enjoy this peaceful English countryside walk with you.. nature is so soothing and constant, and takes you away from all the problems of everyday life. Glad you were able to get away from it all for a while xx

Bonnie said...

Your blog name, Mood Daisies, attracted me to your site. I am writing a children's book about a moonlight garden. I love your writing style and thoroughly enjoyed your walk through the countryside. Isn't it amazing how spending time outdoors, in a peaceful, quiet place, releives the stress?

moollin said...

Thanks for all the lovely pics. It's so nice to see the english countryside again.