Monday, 15 September 2008

Home again

Well we`re back, after having a simply fabulous holiday in Spain, and of course the best part was being able to see my daughter every day. She took us to some lovely little spanish towns, and we saw some really interesting things. The weather was perfect, with the temperatures soaring as you can see, which rather made up for the dreadful summer we`ve had, and we`ve gone from white and pasty, to golden brown.

We had a different apartment this year, as our usual one was fully booked. It was only five minutes down the road from the other one, and we found we were on the twenty first floor, with stunning views across to the lovely mountains

We had some lovely days, paddling in the sea in colourful little towns

And we ate rather a large amount of these

Which might just account for the fact that my clothes seem to be a little snug

We went to a fabulous Antique/Flea market called El Cisne, which was very much like a car boot sale, with ordinary things for sale as well as antiques.

I came across this lovely little Delft cream jug, which I couldnt resist, he`ll look lovely on my newly painted dresser.

Another purchase I made (but not from El Cisne) which was invaluable, was a snazzy spanish fan. My daughter always carries one, and with the sweltering heat it was very necessary, I also thought it would be excellent when I have one of my `hot moments` at work, far better than grabbing an old magazine to wave about.

It was a perfect holiday, but it was very hard saying goodbye to my daughter, but we promised each other at the airport, that we wouldnt be sad, but look forward to our next holiday together, hopefully next Spring.

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