Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Autumn tints

Its amazing that you dont have to be away from home for very long, and you come back to find lots of things have changed. Although England seemed very green, after the harsh dryness of Spain, theres a distinct colour in some of the trees, especially the horse chestnuts, which have very pretty yellow leaves. I also noticed that the mornings are darker, and the nights are pulling in, which I actually quite like, I find it all rather cosy.

The garden seemed wildly overgrown too, (must have been all that rain while we were away) although the Sedums are lovely now, and I tend to have a wild sort of arrangement, growing flowers for the Bees, Butterflies and insects.

I must share this photo with you, I was unpacking, and had gone to put some things away, only to return and find Abbey nonchalantly sitting in the case, cant help themselves can they, whether its a box, basket or case, they`ve got to sit in it..

On Sunday we went to the car boot, which was enormous, and I found these lovely things, I thought the bowls were rather unusual, with tulips round the rim, its usually roses or the like.

And for just a pound, this rather nice sewing box, which I could certainly do with, as mines rather shabby, so another successful rummage.

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