Saturday, 27 September 2008


I decided on the week before I went back to work after my holiday, I`d decorate the kitchen, it wasnt in a desperate state, but I fancied a change.

I wanted to do it in a French Provance sort of colour that grey/blue/lavender but I couldnt find it anywhere, well not in the price range I wanted to pay, so I plumped for green again, Chelsea by Crown.

If I`d remembered how awful it is decorating a kitchen, I would never have started, especially as I decided to paint the dresser too, so there were piles of stuff everywhere, and trying to do the usual kitcheny things around it all was a nightmare.

I had several `lows` on the three days it took to decorate it all, especially when I decided I wasnt sure I liked the colour of the walls, but when it dried, I thought it was a nice cosy colour for the winter months.

The dresser, which was brown and varnished, took huge amounts of sandpapering, I never thought I`d get to the end of it! I painted it in Antique white, which I thought was a nice `soft` colour. And I was pleased with the results.

The best part was putting out all my nice vintage china, which I`ve collected over the last months at car boot sales, and hanging my vintage lace on the shelves.

So now I can feel nice and smug!

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