Friday, 26 September 2008

A magical walk....

We woke to a lovely day of clear blue skies and mellow golden sunshine, so we decided to go out for a walk. We drove to Dartmoor, and walked in our favourite wood.
It was a magical place..hazy sunshine shone through the trees, and the air smelt mushroomy

There were secret hidey holes...

and pretty flowers.

the path wound on and on past ginger coloured bracken, high as an elephants eye..

tucked amongst the trees was an interesting little hut, with a delightful mural, and roughly hewn wooden seats....

it had some very interesting things to look at...

we walked on with birdsong in our ears, a robin with rosy chest thrust out, a wren like a small brown mouse hopping on a fallen log, the silver sound of long tailed tits in the tree tops, past strange fungi encrusted trees..

emerald green velvet mossy logs laid for a fairy picnic

ice cold water gurgled merrily over slatey stones and...

butterflies danced in shafts of sunshine and sunned themselves on bushes beside the path.

When we reached the charcoal burners clearing, we had a rest..

there was something new there, a wooden windchime maybe? I found a stick and played it, Pete didnt look very impressed

On the path back to the car, we stopped at the bird hide, and watched the coal, marsh and blue tits on the feeders

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