Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A bit of a buzz.....

Today has been a beautiful day, and this afternoon I sat in the garden and read my was very peaceful till suddenly I heard this loud buzzing sound...and

this rather splendid fellow dropped in to visit...hes a Rose Chafer, and a lovely shiny green colour
he pootled about the flower for ages, theyre supposed to eat roses, so I dont know why he was in my garden, as I dont have any, but I`m glad he did, then he buzzed off!

This is my drift-log I lugged back from the beach yesterday, and some of the stones, shells and my hag stone I collected..

It has a lovely pattern at the top, I`m going to get some sand, and make a `beach` in a terracotta container I have, decorated with shells and stones. The ball of rice krispies on the top of the log is one of those egg cases of the whelk, strange eh..

Tonight, I was thrilled to see the first day moon, so thin and silver peeping out from behind the chimney.


Piecefulafternoon said...

I like the driftwood and stones. And what a lovely bug - such colors.

Ramblings From Spain said...

A beautiful collection of nature's best, and a perfect lazy day too x