Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A day in the garden.

I woke to a really beautiful morning today, clear blue sky and sunshine. It was early when I got up, so the street was lovely and quiet. I was a bit concerned about the baby gulls, they`ve grown a huge amount, and one of them feeling a little adventurous, pootled off his chimney nest, and we saw him walking about the roof, which worried me quite alot, as I was afraid he would `ski` off the roof and land on the pavement!

I looked out of the bedroom window, and could see the adult gull guarding the nest on the chimney behind her, where the baby was laying in the middle of it.

and then....ta dah...there he was on the chimney, infront of the adult...

stretching his little wings, pottering about, and whistling at his Mum....so glad...

Apart from walking up to the nursery first thing this morning, I`ve spent most of the day in the garden.

I had some plants to pot up, like this pretty Salvia..

and this nice rockery one, I`ve tried to buy more perennials this year, as its cheaper in the long run than annuals, and theres always something coming into flower.

The lilies are started to flower, such a lovely rich colour. I bought some after seeing Mum`s, shes got an oblong planter filled with them, and theyre gorgeous.

The Arum lily is doing well too, apart from the leaves being nibbled by snails, well at least they leave some interesting patterns!

I bought three Margurites this year too, white, pink and yellow, they always make a lovely show by flowering all summer.

I have a little pond too, well alright...its a trug...but it does me, I dont keep fish or the like in it, because that would be cruel, but there are little water snails, beetles and things...which I like, obviously I would love a wildlife pond, but unfortunately my garden can only be pots and containers, as theres no soil or grass, but you have to make the best of it dont you..

And by the front door, in the porch, I`ve set a nice pink Geranium, surrounded by shells, a nice welcome home after work.


Timi said...

You have got beautiful flowers!! I love Geraniums, I have many of them (mostly red) and they really keep flowering all summer (even in autumn )!

Ramblings From Spain said...

Your garden looks neat and gorgeous and ready for Summer, I especially liked the brazen orange lilies! heh heh x

Dena said...

Your garden looks so inviting. I have orange lilies that are in the midst of blooming next to my peonies which are at the end of their bloom.

Deb said...

Oh what a lovely garden you have! I love all the little pots & containers of plants . I'd love a wildlife pond as well :-)