Thursday, 11 June 2009

A flowery walk.

And so....back to work, which came a little hard I guess, lovely morning when I left the house, a gorgeous ghost moon sailing high in the sky

Nice view from the steps at the bottom of our street, and as I was admiring it....

this little face appeared above the other wall, so cute..

At lunch time I went for a walk, they`ve put lovely planters along the railings on the sea front, very nice.

So much has changed since I last walked here, the garden infront of the hotel was filled with red hot pokers, Bears breeches beginning to flower and phormiums too.

In the park, the pond looked lovely with huge seed heads on the grasses

there seemed to be several plants with a silver/purple theme...lambs tails

a dainty Hebe..


On the green, there was a sedate game of bowls in progress, everyone in their immaculate whites..

The rock garden was very pretty, the flowers softening the grey rocks

in drifts of purple..

and yellow..

I walked past the Abbey which slumbered in the warm sunshine..

Valerian softened the railings along the road..

and crimson thistles danced down by the seafront pond

It was lovely and peaceful down by the pond, the fluffy clouds reflected in the smooth water

the gardens were really pretty..

lovely cottagey flowers like poppies..

and masses of yellow daisies

Walking down to the little bridge that spans the pond, I spotted this little Moorhen family, she was very carefully feeding her babies...

she had two, this was the tiniest, the other was much bigger, she swam off with the larger one, and this dear little chick sat shivering at the edge of the pond, chirping...

but before you all shed a tear....Mum called to it, and it swam very quickly over to her, and they disappeared into the vegatation on the island, absolutely gorgeous..

I also saw this nice family of ducks too, busily swimming about.

unlike these, that were having a nice siesta amongst the daisies...

I was pleased to see this lovely Poachard sitting beside the water, with his nice chestnut head
and to finish my nice walk, these beautiful foxtails I think, such a lovely colour..


Pat said...

Gee....with a walk like that, I'd not have minded getting back to work!!! Quite lovely, I'd say.

Ramblings From Spain said...

Gorgeous gorgeous, I thought the colours of the crimson thistles were magnificent... that fluffy moorhen chick put me in mind of something too, heh heh x