Friday, 26 June 2009

A sunny walk.

It was very misty this morning when I walked to work, and very humid, but by lunch time it had brightened up to a lovely golden day. I went for a walk over to the park..

The flowers along the road are looking lovely now.

The Hebe in the park was out, mine in the garden are coming into flower too.

Last time I came, the gardeners were just planting up the beds, its always interesting to see what combinations they choose, Bergonias this time, they`ll be nice when they grow abit.

I was suprised how quiet the park was, especially on such a nice day, but it was nice to have a bit of peace...

this little moorhen kept me company, chugging around the pond.

I thought the `lambs ears` were very pretty..

the main beds have been planted in bright orange Geraniums, with marigolds and canna lilies around the edge..

I walked across the park to the other pond, which was full of the quacks of ducks, and these cream and pink flowers together were really pretty.

this Moses in the Bulrushes was such a pretty blue..

I decided to walk over to Corbyn Head to look over the bay, the little pavilion on the bowling green was looking very pretty hung with bunting, and the bed infront had been planted up with begonias.

It was high tide, so not much red sandy beach. All the beach huts have been brought out of storage now, and there were people in deck chairs enjoying the sun.

It was nice standing on the headland, looking out over the bay, which was very pretty in the sunshine. There was also a nice little breeze, which cooled me down.

I decided to go and get an ice-cream, theres a little shop by the beach, I wanted one of those tubs, where you get a little plastic or sometimes wooden spoon, nice and old fashioned...

and I tried not to notice that awful balloon was up.......


Ramblings From Spain said...

What a lovely little lunchtime jaunt, so pretty, and I hope you enjoyed your icey too! x

Piecefulafternoon said...

What does that awful balloon do? Otherwise a lovely walk - such pretty flowers.