Friday, 10 July 2009

`The Beach`

Well, today I finally got round to making my `Beach` as you can see the tides out, but it has left a rock pool! was quite pleased with it though, its right outside my back door, so nice and handy to gaze upon, not much room for a deckchair obviously, but you cant have everything in life....

it was nice to have somewhere to display my `treasure` that I`ve found on the different beaches we`ve been to recently...especially, that rather nice white `Hag stone` and the lovely big razor shell I found yesterday.

We went to Meadfoot beach earlier in the week to get a bucket of sand

It was lovely and hot down there, and on the horizon were lots of tankers..

The tide was out, so there were lots of exposed rocks and boulders on the beach

and lots of periwinkles on the stones, must have been a bit hot on their roofs!

and some rather dramatic sea-weedy rocks

Pete had taken the fishing net down, so we had a bit of a poke amongst the rock pools, found a very large prawn, but popped him back, then collected the sand and went home for salad!


Ramblings From Spain said...

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!!!! and failing that, your lovely potted version is just a treat, loved the attention to detail and all your special finds xx

lila said...

I like you little "beach" in the garden!
You seem to live in a lovely area!