Thursday, 9 July 2009


We headed out to Teignmouth today, we didnt go till about lunch time, I made up some rolls, and a flask to have on the beach. It was a lovely day, but down on the beach the wind was very strong, although not cold. Unfortunately the tides were all wrong, so the fishing wasnt so very successful, so we packed that up, and had a bite to eat and drink, and took the spinning rod out.

When the tide dropped, it exposed a long spit of sand which was ideal for spinning off, from there we had lovely views across to Shaldon.

The fondant pink, cream and blue houses looked pretty set against the wooded hills.

Looking back down the spit, the houses on the sea front looked rather grand too, Teignmouth is a very pretty elegant sort of resort, not too spoilt.

Being virtually `out to sea` I had a nice view of the pier too, I love all the old fasioned sea side things, pity they dont still do Punch and Judy shows.

The Ness also looked lovely in the afternoon sunshine, the rolling fields bathed in the golden sunlight.

I walked up to the top of the spit, where the waves were snapping and lapping at the gravelly tip. I looked for `treasure` and found some nice stones, green glass and a fabulous razor shell, which will be perfect for my `beach`.

We walked back to the beach, where the receding tide had left the beach with lots of rock pools, and seaweed strewn rocks.

The gulls were rootling amongst the weed for sand eels and tit bits, it was lovely to see this years baby gulls enjoying the water, and investigating everything.

We wandered down to The Point, where Pete had a bit of a spin. This is the river Teign which seperates Shaldon from Teignmouth. It was flowing quite fast.

The little ferry was sailing backwards and forwards delivering people to the sandy beach.

We didnt catch anything today, except rather a lot of weed, but it was a very weedy beach, so thats hardly suprising, and it didnt matter, it was lovely to be in the salty air, with the wind ruffling our hair, and the sun shining down, and being together....


Dena said...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing your day.

Ramblings From Spain said...

What a lovely afternoon, so nice to see the beach and town busy with holidaymakers enjoying themselves, the skies looked lovely and I love rockpools! xx