Thursday, 4 September 2014

An afternoon in the garden.

When I popped into Tesco`s today after work, I saw this rather nice little plant, and thought it would be ideal in our bedroom, I always think a plant or a vase of fresh flowers makes a room look alive don't you.

I spent the afternoon in the garden, its started to look rather wild, well it is a wild garden really, I`ve only got pots to grow things in as its a tiered garden, so there`s nothing formal about it, but I like it like that...its been full of bees, butterflies, hover flies and various insects all summer, and I love to see them all..but now the summers nearly over and Autumn`s round the corner it needs tidying up.

Some of the perennials are still flowering, and making a nice splash of colour, although some of the bedding plants are past their best.

Something that has run riot this year is the dwarf bamboo that's planted in a shallow wall garden...I like it as it makes a lovely rustling sound in the wind, and is a nice screen, but it needed chopping back, so I set too..

Of course the girls had to help, well I think that`s what they were doing, but it seemed more like high jinks to me!

It was lovely working in the sunshine, we had some sea-mist first thing, and it was quite grey, then after lunch the sun broke through and made all the difference.

I think I`m going to have to be quite firm with myself and get rid of the things that haven`t really flowered very well this year, or been a disappointment, and Ive got lots of plans for new things.

My big passion is ferns, I have lots in tubs in the front and back garden, and I love these little ones that grow wild in the cracks of the stone wall by the gate.

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