Monday, 8 September 2014

A morning in Totnes.

This morning felt like a real autumnal day...we drove over to Totnes and the countryside was lovely with hazy horizons, golden sunshine and the shadows of the trees and woods were long on the hillsides.

I love Totnes its full of lovely quirky shops, full of unusual things, lovely little galleries, coffee shops and delightful features.

There`s also lots of nice vintage shops, this one is my favourite, its always full of gorgeous things.

We took a slow walk up the hill, it was lovely in the warm sunshine gazing in the shop windows, or popping in to look around.  Smells of coffee and food wafted out of the open doors of the cafes and resturants, and people stood on the pavements gossiping to friends or busy with their days shopping.

We decided to visit the Leechwells and walked through the market on our way to  Leechwell lane, when we came across this garden...

I didn`t know it was there, its a community garden, run by volunteers who help to keep the garden tidy...absolutely enchanting, full of lovely flowers, areas for children to play on, and those delightful typical of Totnes..

Having enjoyed the garden we walked down to Leechwell lane which was nice and cool and shady, and hung with ivy streamers....The Leechwell itself is a sacred little spot, much revered by the new age community who hang ribbons and gifts about it....there are three springs that run into three troughs which are called Toad, long crippler and snake and are supposed to have healing properties.  Its a lovely ancient little spot, hung with ivy, ferns and mossy cushions, and I always like to visit it.

We walked back to town through the narrows, a windy little street full of more lovely unusual shops.

But Totnes is not just about the shops, the buildings are lovely too, many with beautiful facades and features, making it unique ...true of the lovely old Guildhall too, tucked behind the church..we had a lovely day, and enjoyed every minute of it.


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Timi said...

Totnes is a beautiful town! I am sure you had a great day :o)