Friday, 5 September 2014

I`ve given the front porch a make-over since I was last here, much inspired by a visit to Cornwall and a pretty house I saw there.  I wanted a special silk flower wreath for the door, and going on-line found a site that had just the thing, this pretty heart shaped one, in my favourite colours of pinks and purples.

I replaced the rather dubious conifer I had in the corner with this nice metal stand that my mother had given me last time we went home to see her, its just right for displaying flowers in season and my metal heart and lucky horseshoe.

I also invested in this fabulous Victorian style wrought iron door mat, which I really love, it`s so much better than a bristly one.

There are pots of flowers leading from the front door, all down the steps to the road...this one has matured so well this year, and the colours of the heather remind me of the moor.

I have several pots of ferns around the front garden, all with different leaves, they always look so lovely with the sun on them, or even on a dull day..
And lots of Foxgloves too, this is the last one in flower although I`ve got some that have self-sown and are ready to be potted on ready for flowering next year.
I shall pot them up in a large tub by the front door and hopefully there will be a good mix of pink, purple and cream.
This Fuschia was here when we moved in and flowers successfully every year after a bit of a trim in the Spring...I suppose the next thing will be thinking about bulbs, I didn't bother much last year, but this year I want lots of colour to cheer the grey days, daffodils, tulips, and polyanthus...must start planning.

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