Monday, 1 September 2014

Our new girls.

Although some things haven`t changed since I was last here, some things have...unfortunately we lost both our precious cats Abbey and Bluey, not at the same time but within a year of each other...they both were quite elderly and both passed due to age related disease.  As always its heart breaking to lose a much loved pet and the house feels very empty without their furry presence, but times a great healer and when you do think of them, you know you've given them a happy loving secure home, especially as they were both rescue cats, and you cant do more than that can you...


I said I wouldn't have anymore cats after losing them, but in time Pete missed having a furry face around the house and I gave in, but stipulated this time we would have kittens, and two as company for each other...BIG MISTAKE...well so it seemed at the time...ha ha.. We had to travel to Cornwall to get them, as kittens are soon snapped up, and they were born on a lovely farm in the back of beyond.  As you can see they were gorgeous kittens, and looking at them now I marvel at how tiny they were then, and full of mischief, many`s the time I yelled `that`s it they`ll have to go` but of course they never did, and now I wouldn't be without them, and they are much loved by us both.

These two photo`s are as they are now, fully grown, and just as naughty sometimes, but lovely natured loving cats who are a joy to share our home.

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Timi said...

Oh, your cats are so cute!!!
It is so much fun to have a cat :o)