Saturday, 9 May 2009

I was back to work today unfortunately, needless to say I didnt feel like it, so to lift my mood alittle, I went for a walk at lunch-time. It was a little over-cast, and the wind was a bit cool, but it was nice walking along the sea-front, I noticed there were a few more beach huts in the cove, its gradually filling up.

I crossed the road to the park, where I was delighted to see this lovely little family of ducks, they were so cute, bumbling along after their Mum...

then one or two decided enoughs enough, time to sit down....

and in the end, they`d all done it! and decided to have a bit of a zzzzzz while Mum kept a beady eye out for trouble...

The pond was looking nice, with the tinkly fountain..I was suprised to see how much had changed in the gardens, since I was here a couple of weeks ago.

There were lovely clumps of Osteospermum.

and a dainty pale pink Fuschia, like tiny ballerinas dancing..

In contrast, I loved the sharp burgundy of this Heuchera I think, such beautiful leaves

and a nice spiky thistle

I was just enjoying the flowers, when I noticed this dear little yellow duckling

it was with its brothers and sisters, the only blonde amongst the brunettes! lol they were all very busy diving for food, it seemed they had a job to stay under the water..

I walked beside the little stream, which is quite shady now the trees have filled out, then crossed the road to the park

the dancing Oak in the middle has a nice crown of bright green leaves

and the banks are covered in shiny golden buttercups.

the grass was starred with daisies, and patches of bright blue speedwell, so pretty. I love to see daisies on grass, its far prettier than a pristine green lawn, which seems to be the order of things, too formal really, I like things a little more wild and natural.

The rock garden at the other end of the park, was also very pretty with this nice Ceanothus covered in such a pretty blue flower

and this gorgeous Broom, what a lovely colour, I think I`d quite like one for the garden, but I`ve only got a small one, and mostly pots, so I dont know if it`d be very practical.

and lastly, by the park gates, this lovely Peony, its just like the one my Mum has in her garden, which has been there since I was a child. I enjoyed my walk, and felt better for it.


Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh the spring flowers and the baby ducks!!! What fun!

Ramblings From Spain said...

A lovely Summery park and those cute ducklings too, the walk must have brightened up your lunch hour no end xx