Friday, 29 May 2009

A woodland walk and a Seagull suprise.

My first day off today, but it was always going to be a busy one, as we`ve just started a holiday, and are going back to see my Mother in East Anglia tomorrow. But I didnt want it to be all rushing around, cleaning, shopping and packing, so we got up early and drove over to Decoy park, before too many children invaded the woods.

It was a lovely sunny morning, with blue sky, and beside the lake was a welcoming party with rather large splendid feet...

The lake was a lovely greeny glass colour, and fringed with yellow flag irises..

I also noticed this rather nice purple flower, like a little bottle brush amongst the reeds..

I dont know what it is though..

someone had scattered bird seed around the wood, on posts, and in patches on the ground, this large plump woody was having a quiet breakfast, minding his own business...

when someone else dropped in, there was a bit of shoving and pushing, but they settled down evenually..

we carried on walking, with lovely views across the lake, where ducks quacked, and the wood was filled with the song of robins, blackbirds and the silver tinkling of baby blue tits..

the sun was soaring higher in the sky, and dappling the fallen trees, and there was that lovely warm leafy smell you get in summer..

there was some mad dashing about of squirrels too, they`re really quite tame, as theyre used to people, but some were more sedate, and just ate their breakfast keeping a beady eye on us

We followed the path which twisted and turned through the lovely trees

noting that some were dancing...

some were covered in frilly fungi..

and some had been roughly hewn into seats

Evenually we reached my favourite part of the wood, this lovely sweeping walk, where the beautiful Beech trees edge the path in a green avenue, delightful in summer, and spectacular in Autumn, in their golds and browns and tans.

Running beneath the trees is a lovely crystal clear little stream, its part of Wolborough Fen, which covers part of the wood

at the head of the beech avenue is a little waterfall which feeds the stream, gurgling and splashing over the smooth grey stones.

We took the path which leads further into the wood, where the trees became extremely knobbly

and there were `rooty` steps to scramble up..

and majestic trunks with green velvet overcoats, and interesting fairy doorways

and then hidden behind the umbelifers, was the Magazine Pond

a lovely little secret pond tucked away behind the leafy trees, the water the colour of stewed tea, and edged with irises...

beside the path these lovely Horsetails, or Mare tails as they are also known, I always think they look rather exotic.

the path opens out onto this lovely meadow, covered in golden buttercups.

this has been one of the best years we`ve had for buttercups, they are absolutely beautiful

after the hot sun of the meadow, we dived down into a green tunnel of trees, which was cooler

there were lovely patterns on the ground..

and there was a nice vest on a nearby tree, whilst underneath

the speedwell formed a blue eyed crowd......

at last we emerged from the wood, the lake was a beautiful silver blue, and gliding across a lovely family of swans, with five little cygnets

they swam to the shore, and there was a bit of preening to be done..

then they all went for a walk to stretch their legs, they were so gorgeous. It was a lovely walk, and a good start to our holiday.

There was also an exciting start to the week, when I walked to work, and noticed this lovely egg on the pavement under the house, across from us that has the seagulls nest. Hooray, I thought the chicks must have when I came home for lunch, I had a look and could see two tiny little heads wobbling about in the nest. Unfortunately, the mother doesnt stay off the nest long enough at the moment, to take any pictures, so Pete managed to get a video of the nest with his video camera.


Pat said...

You have a wonderful way with words. Enjoy your holiday!

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely walk. I've heard that the Horsetail fern is prehistoric - and fossils have been found in different areas of the world. It grows rampant here in NW Washington.

Oh the birds and especially that one with the perfectly lovely big feet. Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

I enjoyed the walk so much - it's been years since I visited that lovely park. You notice all the beautiful things I love on Nature walks, from the tiniest bloom to the mightiest tree trunk.

The video is so good - thank your husband - I love to see mums taking care of their babies!

Have a great holiday - and do show us some pics of East Anglia, such an intersting landscape.