Wednesday, 6 May 2009


We drove over to Stover country park today, we had a light shower before we left the house, but it didnt amount to much, so we decided to risk it.

The woods were lovely with their new leaves, and there were clumps of unfurling ferns. Around the lake the ducks were squabbling in their usual noisey fashion.

We wandered up a little path that we dont usually take, beside the stream, and came across this rather nice granite post, it didnt say where it came from, but looks like something from Dartmoor.

Beside it was this lovely wooden seat, beautifully carved with Kingfishers in great detail..

I have to say the park is full of lovely things like this, they certainly make a great effort to make it as interesting and different as possible

I noticed beside the stream was this lovely pine tree, I thought it looked like ladies with big green ball gowns on!

We walked back to the path around the lake, there was a breeze which ruffled and pleated the water.

There were yellow flag iris`s out, and lovely clumps of grass`s with silky heads

The woods are full of lovely old trees, I especially liked this beautiful Beech

We stopped at the feeding station, where a variety of tits were flitting about, green finches and this gorgeous Great Spotted Woodpecker, such a treat to see.

We also spotted this lovely Grebe sitting on its nest on the lake. I think its such a pretty bird, we had a lot of these back in East Anglia where we came from, on the broads.

I was also pleased to see this nice patch of Kingcups, growing amongst the reeds and grasses beside the lake.

and of course it wouldnt be a successful walk if I didnt see a tree with an interesting vest on!


Piecefulafternoon said...

I love the old post, and the bench with the carvings, and the duck, and the woodpecker and the trees - I like it all.

Ramblings From Spain said...

Looks like another lovely day out, wish I was there.. I thought the bench was lovely and the dear old woodpecker.. and your photos of the shimmering lakes were beautiful too x