Thursday, 14 May 2009

A trip and some treasures.

Well, after yesterdays depressing grey, chilly wet day, today was slightly better, with greyish sky, but no driving rain, so we were determined to get out and about, (having spent all yesterday cleaning, washing, ironing, baking and the like), so I needed to get out into the countryside. I fancied visiting `Steptoes Market` a recycling centre in Exeter, and the journey there is very pretty countryside, and runs beside the Exe estuary.

When we reached Powderham, we took a little country road we`ve never been down before, which takes you round the back of Powderham Castle and grounds, and were rewarded with lovely views across the estate, and good views of the lovely deer that roam the grounds.

We parked in a lay by that overlooked the reed bed where reed warblers warbled, and stood on the wall to watch the deer, and scan the lake where there were geese with their babies, and Pete was pleased to spot two Spoonbills, which are certainly not common, but have been spotted occasionally around the country.

We could see the castle amongst the beautiful trees on the parkland, we`ve never visited it, but its very popular. After, enjoying the views and the peace of the countryside, we carried on to Exeter.

Steptoes, is a large recycling centre, theres everything there, furniture, crockery, garden things, electrical, its a real treasure trove, and very reasonable.

and....I found this lovely vintage glass cake stand for the princely sum of £1.00, which is currently displaying my coffee sponge, I baked yesterday, I call that good value.

and this lovely little chest, obviously previously owned by a small Hobbit, its delightful, and beautifully made. I gave it a clean with some wood cleaner, then polished it with some beeswax polish, and replaced the felt on the bottom, and think it looks very nice.


Ramblings From Spain said...

Loved the glass cake stand! and I've always loved those wooden drawers, they're usually very expensive so glad you got a bargain! Wish I was there for a slice of cake and a chat xx

Deb said...

Oh your sponge cake looks absolutely delicious! What a pretty glass cake stand you found! Steptoes looks like a fabulous place full of bargain hunting treasures :-)

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Jill, I will GLADLY trade your weather for mine ANY time :) I loved your pictures and your 'finds' on your journey, especially the 'hobbit' box. Lovely blog ;)