Friday, 22 May 2009

A river walk.

Today, we decided to go back to see if we could see the Spoonbills we spotted last week, so loaded up with bird spotting `scope` binos and the like we set out.....and saw nothing! well its always the way isnt it, but undaunted we drove on a little further, parked up and walked down to the river Exe.

The path leading down to the river runs beside a marshy field, where swallows hunt for insects, and cows stand knee deep in golden buttercups. The fields behind red and rolling, covered in thick leafy woods.

On the far hill is a pretty folly, silent and watchful, surrounded by the pretty May blossom.

and beneath is a little gaggle of houses, thatched and neat in the morning sunshine.

We crossed the railway track down to the river, where the tide was out, and the mud stretched into the distance grey and shiny. Herons walked stiffly about searching for fish, and shelducks waddled about.

Across the river, the little villages huddle, the sunlight shining on the tiled roofs. Dotted on the river, boats and yachts marooned, waiting for the swirl of the tide to return.

I hopped over the wall, down onto the river beach, which was pebblely and dotted with shells. The sun was really warm there, and set amongst the grey boulders sea beet grew in green hummocks.

In the hedgerow, I was delighted to see the first dog-rose, the pretty fragile shell pink flower contrasting with the pretty blue sky.

Unfortunately, there werent too many birds to be seen, so we walked back, past the lovely buttercup fields...

beside the little stream, where the lone Pine stood guard, it was a nice little walk, its always good to be amongst nature.


Piecefulafternoon said...

What a nice walk - and I love the word "gaggle".

Ramblings From Spain said...

I loved all the pictures, and wish I was there in the green English countryside instead of the oppressive clinging Spanish heat!
I especially loved the folly and the way you composed the photo, lovely xx

Karen said...

Such a delightful blog! I look forward to my next visit.