Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Todays letter is O

When we went to Spain in September, to visit my daughter, we spent the day in Denia, and we came across this amazing tree. We couldnt believe the size of the spikes on the trunk,

or for that matter, those on the branches! The flowers are really pretty

We remembered we`d seen a trunk like that before in Benidorm, but no flowers, only a large oval pod, and a fluffy tassle, but that had been in the spring, so we looked at our photos when we returned home, and found it was the same type of tree

After researching it, I found it was the Silk Floss Tree. Its a deciduous tree and its natural habitat is the north east of Argentina, Paraquay and Southern Brazil. The fruits are the long pods we saw, which contain bean sized black seeds, surrounded by fibrous fluffy matter.

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Bear Naked said...

What an amazing looking tree in all seasons.
And yes OUCH for those thorns.

Bear((( )))

Digital Polaroids said...

Ouch! But it's also a beautiful tree!

Rebeckah said...

This is the coolest tree ever! I LOVE it! I love it. So beautiful. I am going to see if we have any around here!

Jay said...

Wow, that is an amazing tree! Almost like a cross between a tree and a cactus!

You wouldn't want to lean against that trunk, would you?

antigoni said...

Unique post! Excellent job!