Thursday, 9 October 2008


I decided this afternoon, as Pete`s on lates, and it was such a lovely day, to take a walk out to Cockington, a country park. I couldnt believe how hot it was either, especially as the mornings have started to be much chillier. It was a real treat walking in the dappled sunshine under the trees, many of which have started to turn some lovely colours.

Cockington Court, is a lovely old building which houses a nice tea room, and craft shops, it has a lovely sweeping green infront, where people sit, play ball games, and on sundays in a very English country way play cricket. There are some beautiful trees along the drive, and edges.

I followed the path, covered in leaves, down to the Game-keepers cottage.

It`s a lovely old thatched building, set amongst the trees, I`d love to know its secrets. All of Cockington village is thatched, its very `chocolate box` pretty.

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Bovey Belle said...

My husband mentioned Cockington only the other day. His parents used to come down from Manchester to stay with dear friends in Babbacombe, and would go out for a drive to Cockington every holiday. I've not been there, but it looks lovely.