Saturday, 11 October 2008

A Trip to Teignmouth

We decided to take a trip to Teignmouth today, as we havent been for a while, the sun was golden, the sky blue, and the sea like a mill pond, with no wind to ruffle it.

It was lovely to walk along the beach, collecting shells and green glass, the sun shone silver on the sea.

There were some very interesting posts...

and the Ness looked lovely in a hazy sort of way..

we walked along the river beach, where people had some unusual houses..

and Shaldon across the water nestled sleepily under the hill. It was a perfect walk, and a good start to the week-end.


MrsL said...

What lovely photos! I rather like the boat porch..........


Bovey Belle said...

That's so lovely. I want to get in the car and head to Teignmouth now!