Sunday, 12 October 2008

Foggy Morning

I got up at half five this morning, I dont sleep very well anymore, well not these last couple of years. I used to fall asleep the minute my head hit the pillow, and not wake till dawn, but I guess I`ve reached that time of life, when insomnia is one of many irritating symptoms.....

When I opened the back door to let the cats out, I was met with a wall of fog, its as though someone had wrapped a blanket of cotton wool around our hill, everything was still and quiet, and judging by the dark windows down the street, me and the cats were the only ones up!

By mid-day, the fog had just about cleared, and we were left with blue skies, and golden sunshine, and the view from the hill was lovely, I picked a huge bunch of fennel, which was just coming into flower, and smelt wonderful, and some pretty purple flowers for my vase..

When I was in one of the charity shops the other day, I had a rummage in a box marked `50p' and was thrilled to find (right at the bottom) these two lovely vintage cloths, one had a slight mark on it, but I thought at that price if it doesnt come out, I havent lost a lot..but hoorah, after a good soak, and wash, and a blow in the breeze, it was fine..

I`ve spent the afternoon in the garden, the sun was lovely and warm, and I could hear a wren scolding me from the ivy. I planted up two small pots for either side of the front door, with fabulous pink cyclamens, and golden ivy, underplanted with minature daffodils.

And a couple of other pots, with winter bedding, which will look nice when the polyanthas start to flower..

Well, its been a productive day, and its gone very quickly, which is a shame as its work tomorrow, boo.....


Caitlin said...

I just popped over from Somerset Seasons, you have a lovely blog! I'll look forward to reading more.

Bovey Belle said...

So have I - LOVE your blog and we have lots in common as I buy little embroidered or crocheted or whatever treasures from the past too. Plus I have Devon roots. I shall be back!