Sunday, 19 October 2008

A Trip to Brixham

Yesterday, as Pete was off we went to Brixham, a pretty little fishing town not far from us. The houses are set all up the hills and are lovely pastel shades of pink, blue yellow and cream.
It was a lovely fresh sunny morning, and the water in the harbour was like a mirror..
We walked down to the break water, where you get lovely views across the bay to Torquay, we could see the balloon was up!

Walking back, I noticed this cheeky fellow had made himself very comfortable in the wall!

All Saints church is famous for the fact that the first vicar there, was the Reverend Henry Francis Lyte, who wrote `Abide with Me` and every evening, the sound of the hymn can be heard drifting across the peace of the harbour. It was a nice day out, especially as we hadnt been for a while, and we finished the day off with a nice home made steak and kidney pie..

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Bovey Belle said...

I've only been to Brixham once, but would love to visit it again some time. My sort of place - sometimes the call of the sea is loud. It's lovely and colourful, just like Tenby was the other day.