Wednesday, 14 January 2009


We were quite suprised to wake to a very hard frost this morning, as the weather these last few days has been extremely wet and windy. We were even more suprised to find snow on some of the higher ground on Dartmoor, but it looked very pretty.

We wanted to visit Brentor again, we`d been years ago when we first moved down here, but hadn`t been back. The church can been seen for miles around, as it stands so high, on a rocky outcrop.

St Michael de Rupe church is dated from the thirteenth century. It has many legends surrounding it as to how it was built, one mentions that the Archangel St Michael hurled a large boulder at the devil to scare him away, it must be true as the boulders still there..

It`s quite a hike up to the church, and the ground was very wet and muddy, but fortunately there wasnt a icy easterly wind.

Although its quite a small church, its quite charming, and has a lovely stained glass window of St. Micheal
The views from the churchyard are wonderful, you can see for miles
It is a very remote church, and is reputed to be on a ley line, so I think that makes it a very magical little church, and certainly worth a visit.

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