Thursday, 22 January 2009

Snowy Haytor

Yesterday, we decided we`d take a trip out to Teignmouth, but on the way there, we spotted some snow on Dartmoor, so drove up to Haytor. It had a nice snowy hat, and the slopes were icy
Its quite a stiff walk up, but the views are wonderful, and you can see right out to sea..
It was lovely and peaceful, as it was a week-day, and a thin watery sun shone down...
Its a very popular tor, and very busy at the weekend, with families, dog walkers and climbers
We could see how snowy the high moor was in the distance, it all looked very pretty
We walked down the slope, crunching on all the frozen puddles as you do....
Where we had a look round the quarry, granite from here was used in the building of London bridge. The lake was partially frozen, and snow dusted the boulders.
Theres fish in the lake, we`ve even seen goldfish, but I think they were keeping warm tucked up in the weeds...
Theres still signs of a time when the quarry was a busy working place, huge iron bolts embedded in granite stones, massive iron rings hanging redundantly, and this lovely rusty old winch in the lake, which still works, with the most haunting of mournful screeches when the handles turned!

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Bovey Belle said...

Thankyou for sharing these lovely photos - they have brought back such happy memories for me. My dad grew up in Bovey Tracey, so all his memories of the moor are tied up with mine now.