Saturday, 31 January 2009

This morning, I decided to walk to Paignton to visit the charity shops, as its been a while since I last did. There was an Easterly blowing into the bay, so with that, and the new moon causing a high tide, it was really wild down the front, with waves crashing over the sea wall, and tossing waves fifteen foot into the air. I had to walk on the other side of the road to avoid being soaked, and being hit round the head with huge lumps of seaweed and stones dragged from the bottom.
At Hollicombe last week, part of the cliff fell into the sea, and turned the sea red, as the cliffs are all red down here as is the soil, thats why we have pink sheep!
There was a huge swell in Paignton too, and the waves were touching the underside of the Pier, it was very noisy with the wind howling and the waves crashing and booming.
Unfortunately there was very little of a vintage nature to be had in the charity shops, which is quite unusual, so I walked home..
The tide had started to recede by that time, but the wind had developed a biting edge to it, so I was glad to be back in Torquay, but an interesting walk nonetheless....

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