Thursday, 22 January 2009

With a bright morning promised, we decided to make that trip to Teignmouth today, before the rain set in again. There was lovely golden sunshine, blue sky and a big surf running, with the wind whipping off the frothy tops of the waves. The wind had quite a bite to it, as we walked round the headland.

Shaldon across the river looked very pretty with pastel coloured houses, and the hill covered in the winter trees. We could see lots of gulls flapping and diving into the sea, so we went to see what all the fuss was about...

We couldnt see what they were diving for, but obviously the pounding surf had churned up the bottom, and brought shellfish, and tiny fish up amongst the seaweed that was floating on the top

Looking down the river, we could see the moor in the distance, and a great bank of black cloud, heading our way no doubt..

We walked along the river beach, where the stiff breeze blew the lobster pot flags, and howled in the rigging of the boats.

The houses are very charming along here, with their sea themed gardens, and house names like `Cockleshells` a very pleasant little walk, it certainly blew away the cobwebs..

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