Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year walk

The first walk of the year had to be on the Moor. We went to our favourite wood, and peered over the bridge at the icy water rushing over the stones. The lovely Alders growing around the banks were covered in tight purple catkins, waiting for the Spring to open.
We walked down the road, between skeleton hedges, and knotty ivy berries, to another little stream, where the parapet was covered in a green mossy blanket, and ivy streamers
The gurgling of the stream and the robin singing in a nearby tree were the only sounds
It was lovely to see the bare bones of the trees on the hillside, and the air was icy cold, the Moor held in the ironfist of Winter.
Although there were no flower strewn glades, there were some very interesting ferny trunks
And in the clearing, a giant skeleton oak-tree, wrapped in a duffle coat of ivy
Its a lovely peaceful little walk, soothed by the sound of water, usually we hear and see a dipper fly erractically downstream, but I think it was having a lay in today...
Finally down to the ancient old bridge, where many pairs of feet have worn the stones smooth, and no doubt, many more was a good start to the year.


AqUƍstOYyO said...

Beautiful views! They remind me of my house and the wood across the road where I live. Happy New Year from Madrid!

Bovey Belle said...

What a lovely walk, and love the stag-headed oak. It has been SO bitterly cold here and we've gone down with nasty colds one after the other, but the occasional walk has been gotten . . .