Monday, 5 January 2009

My first day off today, so as the weather was nice, we decided to take a walk round a local lake and wood. I took a bag of bread for the local residents, and they started to form a queue.

Then everyone else joined in..theres lots of coots, who tend to be very quarrelsome, waving their incredibly large feet at each other. The moorhens are more orderly, and the black-headed gulls very vocal! this little chappie just wanted to be in the front of the picture

It`s a lovely walk through the trees, round the lake, with the birds singing and keeping a beady eye on you...

We were lucky enough to see a redwing, but he was too quick to catch on film, and in the tree tops we could hear the nuthatches but couldnt spot them.

There was a nice family of swans though, three cynets who were very curious

There is a nice little stream that runs through the wood

And this wonderful avenue of beech trees, which look stunning in the Autumn, and leave this lovely carpet of toffee coloured leaves in the winter. I think they are my favourite trees, with their beautiful grey trunks.
Mind always get one who wants to be different!
It was a lovely walk, pity I had to go shopping after!!!!

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