Sunday, 22 March 2009

Another lovely Spring day, so I treated myself to a walk in my lunch hour. I went back to Chelston, and walked to the little park I remembered there, it was lovely and peaceful, with just the sound of birds singing, and no one around, quite a blessing.

I couldnt believe the size of these huge fir trees, they were massive, and must be very ancient

there was also this lovely Mimosa, which looked very pretty against the blue sky

I followed the shadowy path up the steps and down a windy little lane noting the bank of

Till I arrived at the sea front again

I walked around Corbyn Head, which is one of the red headlands along the front

It has a Memorial to five members of the Home Guard who died when their anti-aircraft gun exploded in 1944

On Sundays the sea front is always busy with people strolling, playing on the beach, and today I noticed the Beach Cafe was quite busy too..

I walked along the front where the sun was very warm

And I had a call from my daughter in Spain, so that was a lovely suprise

and a nice end to my lunch time walk..


Ramblings From Spain said...

What a lovely walk, I especially enjoyed the pictures of the glassy sea, and the war memorial. A nice lunchtime break xx

Piecefulafternoon said...

And is that a round hot air balloon - the photos are lovely.

Moon Daisies said...

Yes, it is a balloon, but one on a winch, we`re not very keen on it, it rather spoils the sea front which is very sedate with the old Spanish Barn and gardens, but the council was determined to have it regardless of public opinion!