Friday, 20 March 2009

An enchanted walk

On Wednesday, we went to Burrator Reservoir, which is on the Moor

We haven`t been for about five years for some reason, its a lovely area

We parked at Norsworthy Bridge, which is set amongst an enchanted wood

I felt as though something `magical` could happen, standing in the quiet, with just the birds singing, and this little pony gazing at me....

noticing how pregnant she was, I reckon she just wanted to put her hooves up, with a nice pail of water, and a few oats to

The trees had thick velvet coats of emerald moss on, you couldnt see their trunks

We took a very `iffy` path studded with great big boulders, but edged with lovely golden gorse

It`s called Dartmoor Custard..

We turned off the path, and went up through the pine woods, Leather Tor rising from the mist

I thought these looked like a set of Totem poles, the woodpeckers had been busy..

this was a fresh hole, there were wood chippings at the base of it

everywhere was softend by mist, and the wind sighed through the tree tops

Evenually we were out on the open Moor, where the Devonport leat meanders on its bubbling course
We came across Crazywell Cross, its on the ancient Monks path, ghosts from the past...

We headed back, past Leather Tor bridge

the brown peaty water tumbling over the granite boulders
the sun had turned golden, dispelling the mist.

back to the enchanted glade....

with their heads full of ferns, it was a lovely walk...


Ramblings From Spain said...

An enchanted walk indeed! I loved the deer little pony, and the magical wood, and the old stone cross... a fabulous day out xx

Piecefulafternoon said...