Friday, 6 March 2009

I was back to work today, so at lunch time I decided to take a walk out to Cockington, everthing changes so quickly this time of the year, I was interested to see what had..
It was very quiet in the meadow, and the red soil path was very wet and sticky.
The little stream gurgled and gushed through ferny banks..
There were delightful lanterns along the road..
And a magnolia with fat buds about to burst, sharing a garden with some fabulous girls..
With snazzy hair do`s..

And ice cream coloured thatched houses..
Daffodils nodded beneath the trees..
and there were carpets of crocus and snowdrops on the banks
Cockington Hall visitors...just the birds singing from the trees.
I followed the path around the church, to the gardens,
where there was a lovely patch of creamy Hellebores.
I loved this twisted knobbly old oak..
Time was ticking I walked back to the village, past this lovely old apple crusher.
noting the cheeky chappie keeping an eye on me..
So many pretty houses..I know what I`ll buy if I win the lottery.....
and pretty tiny daffs in the gardens
back through the water meadow
where the Marsh Marigolds are just beginning to flower
Back to the Seafront and work, after a lovely walk..


Ramblings From Spain said...

I can´t believe you do so many lovely things in your lunch hour, and fit it all in! It must be a welcome respite from the work day...
glad you enjoyed it.. and I did too x

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Oh - the knobbly old tree is fabulous - I'd never heard of the apple crusher before - looks interesting, and I love the ice cream colored house.

I've been enjoying your walks so much - I have started to look around for something interesting around me - and I find it quite lacking, except for nature. At work the only place I could walk would be to Best Buy, Costco, Walmart, Michaels or a host of other small businesses - all modern and full of traffic. How lovely to work in a place that affords you such beauty - and thanks for sharing it with us.