Thursday, 19 March 2009

A morning at Babbacombe

As it was a lovely spring morning, we decided to take a walk along Babbacombe downs, and down to the beaches below. Babbacombe downs run along the top of a cliff with fabulous views down the coast as far the Jurassic coast (on a good day)
There are lovely gardens and lawns too, with some nice spring flowers
You can see Oddicombe beach below, with its soaring red cliffs
We went through this ivy clad arch, winding our way down the steps through the woods
where there were patches of violets
and knobbly old trees..
with glimpses of Babbacombe beach through the bare skeletal trees
Its a nice secluded little beach, with an old stone pier, a handful of houses and a pub
I walked along the beach in the sun, it has lots of very pretty stones, especially pink ones
I made this for my daughter whose in Spain here Ramblings From Spain we did this walk together once, when she came on holiday to see us...I really miss her....
We followed the path all around the base of the cliffs
Stopping to investigate little coves on the way round
with lovely layered slatey walls
The Pussy Willow was out in the hedgerows below the cliffs
And I was delighted to find a lovely patch of Coltsfoot, I hadnt seen any since I moved down here

The end of Babbacombe beach has been closed for the last two years, as there was a huge landslide, you can see the red rocks laying at the base of the cliff
Theres a cliff railway that beetles down the side of the red cliffs, which is a nice easy way to descend to the beach, it opens again at Easter
So it was Shanks`s pony for us, up through the sunlit wood
Noticed this rather lumpy fungi called King Alfreds Cakes on this tree trunk
After much puffing...we reached the top where the Cliff railway starts its journey in these little white carriages.
with a long way down to the sea..
At the top of the cliffs there are some very expensive houses, with beautiful gardens, this gorgeous tree laden with pink blossom, caught my eye, as did this funny old fig
I was pleased with the pink stones I collected on the beach, one has a fossil imprint of what looks like a fern on it
and I also found two lovely `Hag stones` these are stones with holes right through them, and are supposed to keep you safe from Witches...
so I shall hang them up and feel safe!


Ramblings From Spain said...

Oh, what a beautiful walk, I can just imagine it! Although I thought the fungi clinging to the tree were a bit evil... eurgh! Flake them off! heh heh
The flowers and blossoms were beautiful though... and thank you for my pebble heart.... xxxx

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a wonderful ivy clad arch - and the flowers - and the red cliffs - oh it was all wonderful. Thanks again for sharing.

Lene said...

What a beautiful morning. I miss the spring and the summer sooo much!! Thankyou for sharing some of yours :)

Have a nice weekend :)