Sunday, 29 March 2009


It`s been a beautiful day today, with sunshine and blue sky, but nippy, but unfortunately I`ve been cleaning all day and sorting things out, as after working two days, we`re going back to East Anglia to visit my Mother, so theres lots to arrange. It was while I was dusting I realised what a lot of candlesticks I have, so I thought I`d show you them.. this pair I bought from a charity shop, and was thrilled when I found they are Victorian, they have a little face around the base, surrounded by acorns and leaves, so I think they might be the `Green man`

This pair I also bought from a charity shop, they`re wood, and quite old I think, I love the shape

These ones, I have each side of the bed, the wrought iron shows up nicely against the lavender wall, and a handy place to hang the button wreath I made a while ago.

On my dresser, I have this lovely twisty brass one, which my Mum gave me

I have this lovely vintage porcelain one in my bathroom, the flowers are painted so beautifully, its my favourite.

On the chest of drawers in the bedroom, is this lovely elegant wooden pair, they originally belonged to my husbands parents, his Mother he thinks, so are probably German.

And finally, this pretty amber glass one, which has two butterflies either side of the candle, which is a beeswax one, which my daughter gave me, so quite a mixed collection, but I love them all.


Ramblings From Spain said...

What a darling collection of different candlesticks! I particularly like the ones that are maybe from Germany, in that lovely dark wood x

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh they are all wonderful - I especially like the one with the butterflies.