Sunday, 1 March 2009


"March brings breezes loud and shrill,
Stirs the dancing daffodil"
Sara Coleridge.

"In the wind of windy March
The catkins drop down
Curly, caterpillar-like
Curious green and brown"
Christina Rossetti.

"Daffodils that come before the swallow does,
And take the winds of March with beauty".

"An oath of wind,
A scowl of cloud,
New green of grass
And land new-ploughed,
A spot of dust,
An angry shower
A golden bloom,
A golden hour".
Cecil Lay.

"As violets
Recluse and sweet
Cheerful as daisies
unaccounted rare;
Still sunward gazing from a lowly seat;
Still sweetening wintry air"
Christina Rossetti.

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Pieceful Afternoon said...

Oh how I love spring!!!