Friday, 13 March 2009

I decided to walk into town this morning, but not down the steps, I took the winding walk down along the hill to the harbour. Noticed this nice patch of grape-hyacinth in the bank

I thought this garden was really pretty, all yellow and white..

St Johns church on the hill above the harbour has a very decorative steeple, and when the sun shines it catches the cockerel on the weather vane at the top and flashes gold..

No wind today, so the harbour was as still as a mill pond..

I had a look round the charity shops, and found this little beauty, such a pretty border

and all for the princely sum of...wait for it..10 pence..well you cant complain can you?

Sandwich anyone? cornish pasty, cake....well I said I`d been knitting didnt

Cheese and tomatoe, Egg and lettuce or ham and onion....

Bakewell tart, cornish pasty, slice of chocolate swiss roll, chocolate cake or jam swiss roll...I know how sad am I..its suprising how long they take to knit, you would think because they`re small it would be easy, but they`re very fiddly, especially to sew up.

I thought I`d show you Abbey today, having shown you Bluey yesterday. She sits (or as you can see lays) down the other side of me on my chair

It doesnt do, to be having a hot flush with so much furriness about

You`ve got to love em though havent you...


Ramblings From Spain said...

I'll take all the sarnies, the cornish pasty and anything cake with chocolate in, thanks!

Smashing xxxx

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh the knits are darling. I know what you mead about fiddley - seems smaller stuff takes longer - but they are so cute. Sweet kitty. She reminds me of our Miss Kitty - we lost her last year and miss her something awful.

Lou Who said...

Those are adorable - it's amazing what you can do!