Friday, 17 April 2009

A busy day.

It`s my first day off today, but I`ve also got two holiday days as well, so six days in all, which will be nice, I havent had a holiday since September, and I`m feeling the strain! Even so, I got up at six and caught up with the work, and did a batch of baking, so all straight, and ready for some days out with Pete.

I had a nice suprise mid morning, when the post came and the book I`d sent for arrived. I saw it first when I took some library books out, and was so impressed with it, decided I must have it! It has two hundred knitted square patterns, everything you could think of..

They are six inch squares, and it gives you designs for throws etc., and pattern combinations

It also has some beaded squares, which I think would be lovely..

I`m going to start with a cover for my bed, in purple and soft greens..cant wait!

I thought I`d show you how my Honesty seeds are coming along, theyre doing really well, apart from the odd nibble from a passing snail! lots of silver `pennies` in the Autumn hopefully.

I also thought I`d show you my new candlesticks I bought when I was visiting my Mother, I found them in a funny little hall, which was having a `table top sale` one was a bit `wormy` and slighty dented, but probably just adds to the character, I love the twisty stem, and the lovely rich coloured wood, I think theyre probably quite old.


Ramblings From Spain said...

Ooh, lovely lovely lovely! The dear little arrangement of flowers on the table, the fluffy sponge and shortcakes, mmm... and then the dear little stone bunny by your Honesty seeds and those lovely candlesticks!
Hope to see some of your block workings soon too xx

Piecefulafternoon said...

Charming candlesticks - and the baking looks so yummy. Good luck on the honesty plants - I've not ever tried to grow some.