Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Happy Birthday Pete

I`ve had a really busy day today, I got up at half five, and was out painting my back garden wall by half six...it badly needed it, I didnt get round to doing it last year, and it was patchy. I used cream this time, instead of white, it can be a bit blinding when its very sunny. I also hung my large plate, as well as the others, and was pleased with the finished result.

Its Petes birthday today, although he was back to work, so I bought some steak as a special treat for his tea, and made a trifle for dessert.

I made one I`ve not made before, a Black Forest, he loves the gateaux, so I thought it would be nice. I couldnt get any black cherries though in the supermarket, but they did have a tin of black cherry pie filling, which stated was for trifles, as well as pies, flans etc., so I had a go...and it was really nice, and made a change. Unfortunately, my whisk gave up the ghost half way through whipping the cream, so I had to use a fork...not so good for the wrist!

and last but not least...a bottle of sherry, we`re not wine drinkers, infact we hardly ever drink, but its a special occasion, so cheers!

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