Saturday, 18 April 2009

A trip to the country.

We had intended to go to the moor today, but we woke to a grey dreary day, so decided to go to a car boot sale instead. There wasnt as many cars as there usually is, but then I`m not suprised as it was quite cold, and a bit mizzly..nevertheless I managed to find these rather lovely plates, I was especially pleased with the cake plate with its lovely buttercups, daisies and forget me nots

After sauntering around, we needed a coffee so drove on till we found a nice little spot, where we could have our homemade scones and drink from the flask..

The South Hams are very picturesque, even when its a bit grey and misty, we had a lovely view over the red soiled fields, and there was pheasants trotting about, and the sound of a buzzard mewling in the distance..

Whilst Pete was finishing his coffee, I had a walk down the lane to look at the wild flowers, there were lots of these Jack by the Hedge, or Garlic Mustard..

and the Cow Parsley is just beginning to flower, its one of my favourites, and I love its other name `Queen Annes Lace` which is very fitting, as it is lovely and lacey.

There were lots of patches of Stitchwort with its pretty starry flowers covering the banks. I crossed the road at the bottom of the lane, into another one..

The Devon lanes are wonderfully narrow, with lovely deep hedge banks..

At the head of the lane was this boundary stone, marking the boundary of the parish. It also commemorates a Beating of the Bounds in 2000. Beating of the Bounds is an old custom which was undertaken by the parishioners walking round the parish boundaries, to ensure they knew where their boundaries were, and also to warn neighbouring parishes not to encroach on theirs, as they sometimes did in former times by removing the boundary stone on a dark night!

The banks were absolutely beautiful, covered with primroses, violets, stitchwort and bluebells,

and this very cheeky Cuckoo Pint or Lords and Ladies, poking up from the greenery, the `hoody` of the plant world I think...they have wonderful colourful berries in the Autumn.

After a lovely morning in the countryside, I spent the afternoon finishing the felt heart I`ve been working on, its ages since I`ve done any sewing, and I really enjoyed deciding what to put on it, and choosing the beads and buttons, I`ve just got to add a ribbon to hang it from then its done.


Ramblings From Spain said...

My goodness, that purple bunny heart is just GORGEOUS!! Are you making more for a string of them, or to adorn a wreath?
I loved the buttercup plate especially too, and does Queen Anne's lace refer to Anne Boleyn? I'm obsessed with her at the moment after watching The Tudors!
Glad you had a lovely day out despite the weather, send me over a homemade scone please xx

Piecefulafternoon said...

What lovely plates - I was hoping to stop at some yard sales today - but not enough time - they were surely plentiful though. Your walk down the lanes was enchanting.

And that heart is darling.